Air Service Agreement Bilateral

10 septembre 2021 - 2 minutes read

Amendment of existing bilateral air transport agreements: this type of trade agreement does not exist in any other sector. The Australian government is working to go beyond the bilateral system through multilateral organisations such as ICAO, the World Trade Organisation and Apec (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation). This is a long-term goal, but an important one. Bilateral air transport agreements contain provisions concerning: before an airline can offer international flights to another country, the government must first negotiate a treaty-level agreement with the government of the destination country. These agreements are called bilateral air services agreements. For example, Harold Demuren, the former director general of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, said in a 2016 press, after BASA`s renegotiations between Nigeria and Qatar, that the agreement of the airline designated by Qatar, which then had seven frequencies for Nigeria, gave more entry points into the country, thus exacerbating the problems of national airlines. His argument was that the country did not have a local airline to compete advantageously with Qatar Airways, which would make the deal more one-sided, despite Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun`s confidence that signing the deal would result in much more investment and business opportunities between Qatar and Nigeria. – negotiate individual « horizontal » agreements, with the Commission acting on behalf of eu Member States. It is evident that some BASAs have been negotiated or renegotiated without fully taking into account the commercial elements necessary for the sector to benefit from the targeted benefits offered by BASA, and no attention has been paid to the economic conditions under which the country operates. For example, most agreements provide that charges are payable to the Nigerian government if the designated Nigerian air carriers are unable to respond under the agreement. This measure may be a good way to increase government revenue under the agreement, but it does nothing commercial for the sector. .

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