Content License Agreements

15 septembre 2021 - 1 minute read

IT`S IMPORTANT! The video co-pilot software (« Software ») and any video co-pilot content (defined in Section 3.B. below) that you wish to download from the Video Copilot Site in (or a successor website) will only be permitted to you if you agree to the terms mentioned below (the « Agreement »). In this agreement, « we », « us » and « our » refer to Video Copilot, the owner and/or licensor of the software and content. PLEASE READ THE TERMS OF THIS SOFTWARE AND CONTENT LICENSE AGREEMENT CAREFULLY. b. No commercial use of « Editorial Use Only » content. You may not use content labeled « editorial only » for commercial, advertising, advertorial, approval, advertising or merchandising purposes. This type of content is not a model or property and should only be used in connection with events worthy of report or general interest (e.g.B. on a blog, textbook, newspaper or magazine articles). .

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