How To Solve Disagreements In Marriage

23 septembre 2021 - 2 minutes read

Few couples readily admit it, but conflicts are common to all marriages. We had our share of conflicts and some of our differences were not beautiful. We could probably write a book about what we shouldn`t do! If any of the above points are part of your concerns, then I would advise you to observe it and work to understand your partner. I believe in preventive measures. Knowing what often triggers your disagreements, you`re half prepared for how to handle them before it even happens. Your expectation after the wedding was that you and your double joy will be on an equal footing on every topic. You felt your disagreements during the meetings, because you did not stay together, and now you have finally tied the knot, all the good will come and everything will be cute without lemons. I was wondering if it was a real insurmountable difference, a conjugal-deal breaker? Gottman`s research shows that prosecution without guilt is the antidote to criticism. Instead of accusing with statements like « You really frustrate me with your chaos, » returns the testimony and begins with a more personal approach: « I`m frustrated when the house is an imbroglio. » Here too, the « I » statement invites dialogue, while the « you » statement would provoke accusations and criticism. Criticism can devour a marriage, but compassion strengthens the bond and softens the heart.

To pursue conflict resolution is to put aside one`s own pain, anger and bitterness. It is not to lose heart. My challenge for you is to « keep your relationships up to date. » In other words, decide to stay healthy daily with your spouse – as well as with your children, parents, colleagues and friends. Don`t allow Satan to win a victory by isolating you from someone you care about…