Main Agreement Accordo Principale

26 septembre 2021 - 3 minutes read

This was, for example, a gentlemen`s agreement between Italy and the United Kingdom of 2 January 1937, which preceded the Easter Accords. [Confidentiality] Confidential information that is the subject of knowledge and exchange between venture capital, the company and the founders is subject to confidentiality obligations. The confidentiality agreement is usually signed before the start of the phase of assessing the feasibility of the investment by the venture capitalist. If such agreements have not yet been concluded autonomously, the obligation of confidentiality shall be included in the roadmap. A gentlemen`s agreement (in English, with the literal meaning of « gentleman es agreement ») is an informal agreement between two parties, usually written orally or less often. It is essentially based on the assumption that both parties will respect the word for their own honour, since, unlike a formal contract, it cannot be defended by the courts. Whatever form of casting the parties choose, then there are common problems for all types of joint ventures. First, the contractual investment is usually formally characterized by a basic agreement (« Main Agreement ») or, more simply, « joint venture agreements », comprising a series of ancillary or secondary agreements, called « ancillary agreements » (for example.B. trademark protection agreements, transfers of know-how, recruitment contracts, etc.), which together include a system of related contracts whose basic agreement will be the key to their interpretation. The learning agreement aims to allow transparent and effective exchanges so that the student in question is recognized by activities abroad.

Normally, the joint venture agreement is first drawn up, which defines the essential aspects of the cooperation, and then the secondary agreements introduce the agreements that complement the agreements defined in the first agreement, the entire installation of the joint venture being completed only after the preparation of these documents. In theory, it could happen that the parties do not reach an agreement on the content of the « Ancillary Agreements », a situation that could also lead to a paralysis of the process of creating the joint venture. Whereas it is therefore essential that the Joint Undertaking Agreement already indicates, including in summary form, which other agreements will be included in the basic system by means of secondary agreements, and that a specific clause providing for the consequences of early termination of the joint venture agreement be included. .