Severance Agreement Svenska

12 avril 2021 - 4 minutes read

If the employment relationship lasts more than one month, the employer is obliged, from the first day of the employment relationship, to pay a contribution of 1.53% of the monthly salary to a pension fund. However, no contributions are to be made for the first month. The fund must be selected in a timely manner on the basis of an enterprise agreement, i.e. between the employer and the Works Council. If there is no business committee in the company, the employer must choose a fund within one week and inform all employees in writing. If at least one-third of workers refuse the chosen fund within two weeks, the employer must propose an alternative. A workers` organisation must be consulted at the request of the workers concerned. If it is not yet possible to reach an agreement within two weeks of the participation of the workers` organization, an arbitration body decides the fund. Social plans may also include special severance agreements. Collective agreements can impose specific rules of priority. erbjuder `ven det tysk-svenska lexikonet fer fler `vvers-ttningar. The main rule of the Swedish Labour Protection Act (LAS) is simple: the last, first outside. If there are workers who have been employed for the same period, their age is the determining factor. Older people are more protected than young people. Adequate qualifications can also be decisive. Tariff rules may be different. Most central collective agreements give the employer the opportunity to negotiate the hierarchy with the local trade union organization. If the worker wishes to withdraw the payment, he must inform the Fund in writing within six months of the end of the employment contract. The amount of severance pay is calculated on the basis of cumulative contributions until the end of the month in which the fee is due.

In the event of termination of the employment contract, the worker is entitled to severance pay under the Fund, unless any employee in the private sector (with an employment contract of more than one month) is entitled to severance pay in the event of termination of the employment relationship. The termination of the employment relationship due to a lack of work is a significant change for the company. The employer must therefore negotiate with the union under the Swedish Workers` Participation in Decision-Making (MBL) Act. Negotiations must be concluded before they are completed. If you and the union do not reach an agreement, make the final decision. Work obligations that violate classification rules may be declared invalid. A person whose employment has been terminated due to an erroneous priority order may also be entitled to damages. Before you can leave a person`s job due to a lack of work, you need to consider the possibility of relocation. The move must take place in a company that must be filled.

The worker must have the necessary qualifications to be able to work in this new role. As an employer, you must accept a certain period of training. As a result, they are not required to create new tasks or a new position. In 2019, 8 staff contingency funds were selected (see current list of funds).