South Dublin County Council Tenancy Agreement

12 avril 2021 - 4 minutes read

South Dublin County Council councillors have voted for a rent increase of 3 euros per week for all renting households by 2020. If a tenant or landlord wishes to terminate a rental, they must comply with the relevant laws. Learn more on Threshold`s website. The city council meeting is scheduled to meet on Monday to decide on the annual budget. On Monday evening, city councillors and civil servants met in Dublin to agree on a 2020 budget for the city, but no decision was taken. If you are homeless in the Dublin area, contact the Dublin Place Finder service on or contact your local authority`s homeless space. « Currently, the differences between the Council`s rental costs are the smallest, both in Dublin and at the national level. The basis for calculating our rents has not changed in more than 20 years, although spending on our housing stock has increased significantly over this period. The council`s rent is calculated according to an annual rental system. In summary, the weekly rent is reached by calculating 10% of the weekly income of the highest beneficiary of the household. In addition, there is a contribution for anyone else who makes money in the budget.

Deductions can be made in special circumstances. Tenants are required to pay their rent each week according to the terms of their tenancy agreement. Some pensioners in south Dublin by Council rents Increase by more than 600 euros Comments If you are approved for HAP, then you sign a rental agreement with the local authority. You can request a copy of the rental agreement with your landlord. A spokeswoman said the rent increase of 3 euros per week would be implemented in 2020 to « reflect the increase in provisions for these costs and other housing services in the Council`s budget. » They stated that the rebate was originally introduced in the late 2000s as a temporary support measure and stated that the Council`s leasing scheme contained a clause to deal with difficult cases, both of which are sensitive. Although the local authority manages the HAP system, you will not be a local tenant. The lease agreement is between you and the private owner and your lease is covered by the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 in its amended version (pdf). This means that you have certain rights and obligations, just like your landlord. Your rental agreement must be registered with the Residential Tenancies Board.

You may have the right to apply for PAH if you share a home with your landlord. If you rent an apartment or self-contained apartment in your landlord`s house, the rent law applies to your rental agreement and your landlord must register with the RTB. However, if you rent a room in your landlord`s house, your rental agreement is not covered by law and your landlord does not need to register with the RTB. Questions have been raised as to whether other councils across the country, including Dublin City Council, will follow in the footsteps of the CSCS when deciding on next year`s budget.