Trademark License Agreement Em Portugues

13 avril 2021 - 3 minutes read

You`ll find a list of Apple brands in the list of Apple brands. Apple brand names can only be added to your URL if the brand follows your company and/or your product name. Apple brands can only be used in URLs for websites that use apps specifically designed for the Apple product. Never launch a URL with an Apple brand. To learn more about the purpose of our brand policy, click here. You can use the brands in collaboration with someone outside the Wikimedia movement with a Quick License. This license applies to collaborations with parks, museums, libraries and other cultural institutions to share their information with the world via Wikimedia sites. If you are a movement organization, you may already have an agreement that covers photo contests. A translation of legal references and lines of credit (but not trademarks) can be used in materials distributed outside the United States. Never translate an Apple brand.

And are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. This policy applies whenever you want to use Wikimedia brands. Section 2 of this directive applies to all trademark uses. Other sections apply only to uses that do not require separate authorization, uses requiring a trademark license, or uses under agreements managed by chapters, thematic organizations and user groups recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation. If a term in your trademark license is inconsistent with this directive, you must comply with the licensing conditions. If you use our trademarks as part of a trademark license, you must comply with the provisions as well as this trademark directive. If a term in your licence is inconsistent with this Directive, you must comply with this license clause. Movement organizations will only need a separate license if the use is not already authorized by their organizational agreements with the Wikimedia Foundation or this Directive. If you use a Wikimedia logo under this policy, please use it to represent only the project it represents. Don`t give the impression that your use is supported, sponsored or part of the Wikimedia Foundation.

This section also applies if you are granted a license to use a trademark that does not allow you to offer such approval. You can use the stamps for events designed to promote our mission and be visited primarily by members of the Wikimedia community.