Venue Hire Agreement Template Nz

13 octobre 2021 - 4 minutes read

3.2 The person paying for the booking (or any other contact mentioned in the booking form) must be present for the duration of each rental period. a) your event is contrary to the law, injunctions, regulations, statutes, the rule of law or any other requirement of a public or local authority, or violates this Agreement; or 3.14 You may not allow illegal activities in or outside the property during the rental period. 9.7 We reserve the right to cancel bookings if circumstances warrant. This may include, among other things, emergency situations and adverse environmental or weather conditions. We will endeavor to provide an alternative location. If this is not possible, any rental costs will be refunded. 4.2 It is necessary to clearly indicate the nature of the activity and event that will take place and to use the venue only for this purpose. 19.3 For all sporting activities within the venue, shoes with a white structure must be worn. To avoid damage to the ground, tap groups should ensure that the screws in their shoes are removed. 21.1 You must properly maintain the place and ensure that there is no damage.

12.1 We do not undertake to organise or maintain insurance coverage (property, content or otherwise) for the venue or your event to your benefit. 7.5 You are responsible for the payment of all sums due to us under this Agreement, whether services are provided to you or to another person, company or entity at your request, notwithstanding that you are asserting all or part of such debt as a representative of another person, Company or organization. 7.2 All rental charges are inclusive of GST. All fees to be paid for the cancellation of the rent are excluded by the GST. 2.1 In these Terms and Conditions, « you » or « your » means the party designated as the tenant proposed in the booking request form. « we », « us » or « our » means Auckland Council. (a) where the booking request is submitted online, the rental fee shall be paid in full; 3.1 All tenants must be a legal entity. Auckland Council reserves the right to require proof of the legal person.

A legal entity is a group or registered individual who is able to: 9.6 We may terminate any booking, event or agreement if we take into account: 9.1 You may terminate the contract or any booking by sending us written cancellation notice or cancelling the booking online (if applicable). 16.1 It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the venue of the event, in particular: b) The maximum amount of our liability under or in relation to this contract for loss, damage, claim or expense is limited to the amount of the rental costs. 3.11 You must ensure that the public does not have unauthorized access to the facility during the rental period. (g) Auckland Council Noise Protection Units sent to the site during the rental period. 10.4 At the end of the rental period, you must remove all waste and leave the event venue and all equipment and equipment of the facility, including parking spaces and adjacent premises, in good condition, clean and in good condition. Additional charges are in progress if the waste is not removed off site….