Zipcar Member Agreement

19 octobre 2021 - 3 minutes read

6.2 Typical driving noises or experiences, including but not limited to warning lights, turn signals, inappropriate or strange engine noises or other mechanical noises, performance changes or unusual driving experience, must be reported to Zipcar as soon as they are noted. Failure to report such irregularities when using a Zipcar vehicle may result in the immediate suspension or termination of the Member`s membership and the Member may be liable for any damage resulting from the continued use of the Vehicle despite such irregularities. Such damages are not limited to damage costs and are not covered by Zipcar insurance or a DFW. 4.2 The Member is required to pay all applicable fees and charges (including fees and charges incurred by Associate Members) on the due date, including, but not limited to, application fees, driving/insurance file verification fees, membership fees (which are automatically charged on due date), driving charges (including, but not limited to, mileage overrun and surcharge and/or tolls), selling fees and other fees. uern and fees, and other costs and fees listed in the rules and annexes or in the member`s conduct/membership plan. Members will be charged for all amounts due by credit or debit card or other means determined by Zipcar. Any overdue member account will be suspended; However, pre-booked reservations will continue to be charged to the Member if they are not cancelled by the Member in a timely manner. If payment of an amount due is declined using the credit or debit card provided by the Member, membership and use of the Zipcar Services may be suspended. Members are responsible for providing and maintaining current credit or debit card information stored at Zipcar. Problems with credit or debit card statements may result in cancellation of membership. In no event shall Zipcar be liable for any overdraft fees or other fees charged by a Member`s credit card company or bank. For overdue accounts, Zipcar may also change upon receipt of payment and/or terminate the Member`s account.

In addition, Zipcar may use third parties to collect amounts due to Zipcar by a Member, and the Member is also responsible for any collection or similar costs associated with such collection activities. Most Zipcar vehicles will have stickers with the Zipcar logo. Each vehicle has a « name » that helps the renter identify their specific vehicle. Zipcar offers vehicles in different categories, such as economy cars, electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid vehicles, full-size cars, luxury vehicles (such as those from Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and other luxury manufacturers), SUVs, pickup trucks and trucks. .